Yana Abrahams

She/Her | Writer, Production Assistant & Facilitator

︎ @auntie_baby__
︎ yana.abrahams(at)gmail.com
“I'd never given myself the chance to explore my writing talents, but I've always had so many ideas running around my head. In particular, ideas that centre queerness and my cultural identity. This incubator was the perfect opportunity to crash course screenwriting standards, and never once did I feel I had to hold back on where my imagination would take me.”

I am 24, born and bred in Cape Town. My heart lies in sexuality and gender education, but it has also always been in storytelling.

This incubator feels like a really timely opportunity for me, as I have really been looking to improve my story construction techniques, and move into the direction of screenwriting. I really believe in textured storytelling as a means for social cohesion in post-apartheid South Africa.

Currently, I freelance as a workshop facilitator and production assistant. Gender and queerness are at the centre of everything I do, and protecting the dignity of LGBTQ+ people drives me. I conduct workshops with high school learners, young adults and special interest groups on gender, sexuality and sexual health with an intersectional approach. Each production set I have worked on so far has told stories of gender and queerness as well.

Currently working on a series about grief and queer inter-generational community.