Terence Makapan

He/Him | Writer
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“This experience was valuable to me because it made me completely rethink what I thought I knew about writing. I realised how much work actually has to go into the writing process, and it has ignited a fire in me! I never had any formal training as a writer so this program was exactly what I needed at this point in my career. Thank you!”

I studied acting but quickly discovered my love for writing by my final year. I initially used my writing as a way to deal with past trauma. From there I developed fully fleshed out narratives  with characters that others could relate to. I always like to put an element of myself in each of my characters. Often times these elements are issues or qualities that I know many others share, such as sexuality, racial identity, body image etc.

I have written about various topics, in various styles in both English and Afrikaans over the last few years. I don't have a specific style but I feel like I have finally discovered my voice. I recently had an epiphany. I realised the responsibility I have as a brown, queer man in South Africa. I have the power (and the privilege) to influence perception and aid in representation. I have acknowledged that moving forward my work needs to be a lot more "black/brown as fuck" and "queer as fuck".

I am currently co-writing on a feature film that explores the hardships and prejudices that women face later on in their lives, especially in a stern patriarchal environment.