Stevie Cupido

They/He | Writer, Interdisciplinary Storyteller
︎ scupido(at)gmail.com 
“The QWI was valuable to me is it provided validation of my creative voice. I admittedly have been quite lost and had been struggling with finding the correct channel for my incessant need to create stories. I thought that I had to actually get a full film qualification from a major institution to feel valid as writer, but the incubator taught me that there is no one way to be a writer. The team saw my talents and equipped me with tools to properly nurture and celebrate them.”

I am writer and interdisciplinary storyteller in as many mediums as I am able to be. I've always been a storyteller at heart and while my main medium had been singing and songwriting, I recently decided to go back and explore my first love - Film.

With my work, I aim to focus on the celebration of black and brown bodies, to write us into as many worlds as I possibly can and to redefine our current understanding of what our identity actually is.

Currently working on Method - a horror short telling the story of a young method actress being possessed by a role after playing a GVB survivor in South Africa.