Sandulela Asanda

She/Her | Creative
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“Writing is such a lonely pursuit, but spaces like this, where we are able to work and engage with writers that look like me and are succeeding really give one motivation for the future, as well as a sense of community.”

As a creative, I want to create the work that I needed when I was growing up, work that changed the status quo of what being black, woman, queer was. Through my work, I think I’ve started to hone in on how this looks and feels. I take subjects- often the things that agitate me to create- and approach them in new ways. Like my short on masturbation which almost all takes place on a video call or with how I turned the bible story of Moses into a science fiction drama about fertility rights and poverty. I want to be known for taking risks, but more importantly, for expanding the horizons of what it means to be black, queer and woman onscreen.

Currently working on On the Edge, a dark comedy series about about a junior copywriter trying to figure out why she killed her boss; Black Burns Fast (feature film) a coming of age story about a Black teenage girl's journey of self-discovery while attending an elite, predominantly white school in the Eastern Cape; Lovesick Utopia (web series) a young queer Black woman tries to navigate the intricacies of modern dating in Cape Town.