Brandon Clarke

They/Them | Writer & Director
︎ brandonclarke797(at)gmail.com
︎ @brandon_clr

“The Queer Writers Incubator has not only helped refresh my memory about many of the things I learned and loved in film school, but also taught so much more about digging deep into the importance of storytelling and the many layers that make a story.

These spaces are important because it uplifts LGBT stories and allows for a new wave of young, passionate writers to be heard in the South African entertainment industry; but more importantly it helps create a safety net for POC queer writers to come together and represent marginalised voices in bold and refreshing ways.”

Brandon Clarke is a recent film graduate from CPUT, where they majored in directing and producing. They currently freelance as a film director, writer, producer and cinematographer for Kinoburo, with short films and music videos as primary productions, and many more in development. Recently, Brandon’s graduation film project, Nothing Is Real, Except This One Thing played at Religion Today Festival; they were also quarterfinalist for the Screencraft Film Fund in 2019.

Their filmography includes:

It’s Alright, I’m Here – Writer, Director, Cinematographer
Estranged – Writer, Director, Cinematographer
Nothing is Real, Except This One Thing –  Writer, Director
Letters To The Man I Love – Writer, Director, Producer
I Used To Love Him – Writer, Director

I am currently in pre-production for a NFVF funded short film that follows an ex-policeman on the run from the oppressive state of a futuristic dystopian Cape Town. Another short film is going into production in November, and it is about a farmer who writes love letters to his lover, while working on a farm for a month.